How to make gym exercises effective?

If you decide to practice in the gym, then coming there is already half the battle. The second half is a properly constructed workout that will help to work out all muscle groups. The coach will tell you how to properly organize classes in the gym in the gym and perform exercisesFitness blog will help to create an effective training program.

The principles of drawing up a workout for weight loss

Surely you have heard that training in the gym does not bring results. It’s all the fault of the incorrectly designed training program. The fact is that many girls mistakenly believe that by spending most of the workout on the treadmill, they burn more calories.

In fact, the body quickly gets used to low-intensity cardio loads (jogging, riding a stationary bike), as a result of which calories are burned exclusively during the exercise. With power loads, the situation is different. After them, metabolism remains elevated for some time, and calories continue to go away faster even after the workout.
But this does not mean that only strength exercises should be included in an effective training program. Effective exercises in the gym for weight loss in the gym are made taking into account the following principles:

  1. The program should be designed for 2-3 workouts per week.
  2. Start your workout with a warm-up that helps warm up your muscles and work out your joints.
  3. Training should include both power and cardio.
  4. Circular training, the implementation of super sets and trisets contribute to weight loss.
  5. The program should include exercises for all muscle groups with an emphasis on problem areas.
  6. The lesson should end with intense cardio (interval running or sprinting) and stretching.

If you do not attend the gym and want to know how to exercise at home, try to build your classes based on the principles listed above. As an intense cardio load, jumping and jumping out of squats are suitable.

Ineffective exercises in the gym

Not all exercises that are performed in the gym really benefit. It is better to spend energy on really effective exercises than to waste the following:

  • Squatting on Smith Trainer. Due to the fact that the bar moves along one trajectory, the load on the leg muscles is significantly reduced. This exercise can be replaced with regular barbell squats with less weight;
  • abduction exercise. In fact, it does not help to get rid of fat on the inner thigh. Instead, it is better to carry out lunges with a barbell or without weighting;
  • straightening arms with a dumbbell along the body in an inclined position. The large weight of the projectile does not allow you to make many repetitions, and the small weight does not help to pump up the triceps. It is best to replace this exercise with push-ups on the uneven bars, which will help to work out all the muscles of the upper body;
  • shadow boxing with weights. The use of a large weight increases the invasiveness, and a small weight does not give the desired result. If you want to pump up your hands, better do pull-ups;
  • squats at the medical ball. Such an embodiment of this exercise only makes it traumatic. It is better to replace it with ordinary squats from the floor with arms crosswise on the shoulders.

If you are in doubt about how to properly train and perform any exercise, better consult with a trainer. Even if you did not pay for the services of an instructor, there is always a duty coach in the hall who can be contacted. Improper exercise may result in serious injury.

Sample training program

An effective training program in the gym looks something like this:

  1. Warm up – helps prevent injuries. It lasts about 5-10 minutes.
  2. Torso twisting – improves blood circulation and helps to work out the waist. During the training it is recommended to do 5-8 approaches with the maximum possible number of repetitions.
  3. Squats with a barbell – to load the muscles of the legs and buttocks.
  4. Bench press from the supine position – works out the triceps, deltoid and pectoral muscles.
  5. Pulling up to the chin area – for the shoulder girdle.
  6. Rope extension – helps to tighten the skin on the hands and make the shoulders more embossed.
  7. Raising the legs in a position hanging on the horizontal bar – the load on the press and buttocks.
  8. Lunges with dumbbells – work out the outer and inner thighs.
  9. Squats with a dumbbell between the legs (legs wide apart) – for the buttocks.
  10. Intense cardio load. It can be interval running, sprint, accelerated running. Duration is about 15-20 minutes.
  11. Stretching. You need to relax all the muscles that worked during the training.

Workout in the gym and nutrition

Regular exercises in the gym in any case will help you strengthen your muscles, but losing weight will be more effective if you combine it with a balanced diet.

This is not a diet – starvation is harmful, especially with high physical exertion. However, overeating should also be excluded. Here are some tips to keep in your diet:

  • do not skip breakfast, as it starts the intestines and energizes for the whole day;
  • follow the principle of 25-50-25 (25% of calories for breakfast and dinner, 50% for lunch);
  • protein intake 2-3 hours before training;
  • consume more fiber;
  • the body needs the right fats – Omega-3 and Omega-6, which can be obtained from fish;
  • a full meal 1-1.5 hours after training;
  • need to drink more water. The daily norm is 2-2.5 liters.

To make your exercises in the gym effective, combine power and cardio workouts, work on all muscle groups and follow the exercise technique. Do not forget about a balanced diet, which will help to improve the result and prepare faster for the beach season.

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